Oracle: Create a ER-Diagram from your existing Database

This is a sample output of schemaspy, which i took from their homepage.

Today i analyzed a database for reporting purpose, but there were so many tables and it was a bit opaque which table has releationships to which other table(s) and so i goggled a bit and found a tool called SchemaSpy, which comes as a jar File and is startable on the command line.


java -jar schemaSpy_5.0.0.jar -t orathin -host -port 1521 -db -dp /PATH/TO/YOUR/DRIVER/ojdbc6.jar -u -p -s -o /PATH/TO/OUTPUTDIR/library

Realy cool and easy peasy to use.

You can not edit the output, but in my case its ok to have an ER-Diagram of this database.