OrientDB: OrientDB V2.1 first Release Candidate is out


Orient Technologies has released the first release candidate of OrientDB v2.1.
104 issues could be resolved
and many new exiting improvements where made!

The OrientDB Team works hard on making OrientDB more and more stable and solid, so please help, so that OrientDB will become the most powerful Multi Model Database in the NoSQL Scene!

The Pricipal improvements of the new RC are:

– Schema:

  • Support for multiple inheritance where classes can extend from multiple super classes
  • Support for default values (functions are allowed)

– Core:

  • Improved WAL management (Journal) to enforce Consistency with transactions
  • Fetch-plan now supports wildcard for names

– SQL:

  • New SQL parser by default on with new database creation and by default off with existing databases
  • Prepared Statements and substitution of parameters and target
  • New Live Query for Reactive application development
  • New optimization of existing indexes in sub-classes
  • New concat() function

– Distributed:

  • Support for slave (read-only) nodes
  • Includes Hazelcast-all.jar with Cloud support

– ETL:

  • Skip duplicated vertices

– Enterprise Edition:

  • New SQL Profiler
  • New Auditing feature

– Bug fixing: 104 issues in total

For closer Info or for Downloading this cool Database, visit OrientDBs Homepage.