SugarCRM: Can’t remove installed modules


Today i run into an issue with a 6.3.1 Version of SugarCRM, which i had to take from a customer into our infrastructure.
After i extracted the sources, imported the database and run it first on my local machine, i noticed, that there are no buttons to remove or disable the former installed modules in the admin backend. Have a look at the images below:


So what could i do, to clean up the instance, before deploying it into out infrastructure?

There is a nice simple way:

  • first remove all files of the module you want to uninstall from \cache\upload\upgrades\module\
  • then log in to your Database and remove the Module from your upgrade_history table
  • last but not least, remove all folders and files of the Module from \modules directory

To find the Module in the database use:

select id from upgrade_history where name = 'SecurityGroups - Limited Feature Edition';
# copy the returned id and
delete from upgrade_history where id = ;

After i did this, the module SecurityGroups was not longer be displayed and fully uninstalled from the SugarCRM instance.


In this case, you will also have to delete the file: custom/modules/Administration/Ext/Administration/administration.ext.php, because this displays the SecurityGroups Module within your Administration View. So drop it with

rm custom/modules/Administration/Ext/Administration/administration.ext.php

and it will also be removed from your Administration View.

Maybe you look for a solution because of the same problem and it will solve you from searching and trying alot…

Comments are welcome!