SugarCRM: Remove Null Fields in Studio – second solution


In my previous article about Null Fields in your SugarCRM Studio, i wrote, how you can solve it, by send an Insert Statement against your Database, but if this does not work, you can use another way to solve it:

1. have a look in your sugarcrm_MM_yyyy.log File to identify which Module produces this error, if you have not identidied yet
2. go to /custom/modules//Ext/Vardefs/
3. open vardefs.ext.php (vim vardefs.ext.php)
3.1 browse this file and identify the field(s), which are listed here and you miss them in your Studio View (there they are displayed as Null)
4. Prepere Insert Statements to put the missing fields into your Database Table "fields_meta_data"
4.1 e.g. INSERT INTO fields_meta_data VALUES ('myAwesomeField', 'myawesomefield', 'LBL_MYAWESOMEFIELD_C', NULL, NULL, , , , 0, NULL, '2015-09-11', 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL);
5. After you have all missing, as Null displayed Fields entered, go back to your SugarCRM Instance and reload the Fields View of the Module, now you shouldn't have any Null Fields in there.
6. Check if the CRUD Operations on this Module works how expected
6.1 If yes, then think about, which of these Fields you can maybe delete and remove it via Studio
6.2 If not, feel free to comment this Article and give a detailed info about the Exception, i'll contact you!

Good luck!